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Apple fanboy upset with Reddit campaign

by on24 September 2012


A sad state of the world

Over the last few days we have seen the terminally sad queuing to buy their iPhone 5.

We say sad because the phone is more or less the same as the last one, and is totally outclassed by Android rivals. However one fanboy who bought his phone has created an internet stir, because he felt that the way that his phone was sold to him was below par.

According to Nick Woodham's blog, he was invited into the AT&T store this morning, after a long wait, to purchase his iPhone 5. “I avoided looking at the display model iPhones on the way in, and averted my gaze from everyone else's iPhones. I wanted to enrich the experience of opening my own iPhone 5, and make it more special than it already would be,” he wrote.

But horror of horrors the AT&T person proceeded to open the iPhone himself, with his back to him. Apparently Woodhams needs counselling for this. “My stomach sank. Opening an Apple product is a religious experience. It’s one of the best things about the first day with your shiny new device. He took that from me. I felt like this sales rep had stolen from me. They were stealing from everyone. No one was opening their new iPhone. Is it not supposed to be special anymore? Then why does Apple continue to spend 3, 5, or 10 times as much on packaging and presentation as other companies?”

The blog went viral and soon there was a reddit campaign against him. Of course this is fuelling the sort of backlash that Apple fanboys are starting to get as the rest of the world wakes up to the fact that the reality distortion field is slowly imploding.

However Woodham's post seems to be an attempt to plug his business. There is a big advert in the middle of the blog entry. While Apple fanboys might say the sort of rubbish that Woodham has said, it just seems to be a bit too obvious.  

We forgot to put a link to the blog, so we were unable to help him advertise his business. We would have thought that the sort of people who are outraged by Apple fanboy antics are unlikely to want to buy web services from a guy who is happy to post himself as Apple obsessed. After all Apple users can't know much about technology. 

But at least it got his company named. Well not here of course, I forgot to put the link because it is Monday morning and I was woken up at 4.30am with the neighbour's baby crying, so you will just have to put up with the “Woodham is an idiot” story without mentioning his business at all.

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