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Swiss elect pirate for Mayor

by on24 September 2012

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Shiver me timbers

The Swiss Pirate Party is making inroads into politics in the country famous for having a gun in every closet, and Nazi gold in its banks, as the party's Alex Arnold has been elected mayor of Eichberg.

Thomas Bruderer, president of the Pirate Party Switzerland, is delighted saying that this result for the young party is an important milestone. “To win a majority vote shows that our members are not just a marginal phenomenon; but are in the midst of society,” he said.

While he might be right, we do not think the film and music industry is quaking in its boots yet. Eichberg is a small rural town with a population of 1,481, with ten per cent of them being foreigners.

The Mayor is a part-time position but he should be pleased that he defeated two candidates from the Swiss People's Party.

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