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Apple and HTC kiss and make up

by on12 November 2012


Licensing agreement in place

Apple and HTC have apparently had enough of patent trolling one another as the companies reached a global settlement on current lawsuits and licensing.

According to a joint statement, all current lawsuits between the two are to be dismissed. The settlement also includes a ten year licensing agreement for these and future patents by the companies, but there’s not much else to go by since actual terms are confidential.

The two started out with what turned out to be a long and dragged out exchange of legal blows back in March 2010. Apple was the first to point a finger at HTC, but the latter responded already in May.

HTC’s CEO Peter Chou said that HTC is glad the dispute has been resolved since it can now focus on “innovation rather than litigation”. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said pretty much the same thing, so we guess it has just been a bad dream and nobody was patent trolling to begin with. Now both go to your rooms and think about your actions.

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Last modified on 12 November 2012
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