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Intel CTO Justin Rattner is stepping down

by on28 June 2013

Too old for the job

Intel CTO Justin Rattner is stepping down, due to company regulations that stipulate that employees cannot serve as corporate officers after they hit 65.

Rattner is an Intel veteran second to none. He joined the company in 1973 and he was named Intel’s first principal engineer in 1979. He became an Intel Fellow in 1988 and he was one of the first people to be named an Intel Senior Fellow in 2001. Before he joined Intel, he held positions at HP and Xerox.

However, he is not out of the game just yet. Rattner will return to Intel at a later date, but right now he is taking personal leave to deal with a family matter.

Intel has not named a replacement yet, but whoever it is, he or she will have big shoes to fill. Rattner is not only one of the great tech leaders of our time, he is also an easy going bloke with a great sense of humour – and making tech fun is just as important as making good silicon.


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