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Cisco buys Open DNS

by on01 July 2015

Will the spooks get control of your DNS server?

The networking company, which was turned over by the US spooks using backdoors, has just written a cheque for an outfit which provides alternative DNS servers for its users.

More than 65 million Internet users spread across more than 150 countries use OpenDNS included the employees of more than 10,000 organizations.

Writing in his bog David Ulevitch the CEO of Open DNS insists that the change will be business as usual.

He said that this would be a an incredible milestone for OpenDNS.

"Cisco made a compelling case that we would be stronger together, we agreed. We're confident about this next move for us. Cisco has great respect for the technology we've built and taken to market, for our incredible team, and for our culture. Cisco is not buying OpenDNS for our individual components, but for the whole. I will speak more about this today and over the coming weeks," he wrote.

Curiously he did not mention anything about the fact that the move could give US spooks control of the OpenDNS servers. While Cisco is not in the pocket of the NSA, it is a lot more vulnerable to court orders than companies which are not based in the US or are too small to have pressure placed on them, like OpenDNS was until today.


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