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World's leading operating system is Windows 7

by on01 July 2015

Looks like that tablet idea was really daft

The world's most popular operating system is still Windows 7, as Microsoft really regrets wasting its time with a tablet interface in Windows 8.

According to NetMarketShare during June 2015, Windows 7 was the top of the pops with a 60.98 percent market share, a rise from 57.76 percent last month.

Windows XP is still hanging around like a fart in a lift but has fallen from 14.60 percent in May to 11.98 percent in June. What is worrying for Microsoft is that Zimmer framed OS is ranked as number two.

Windows 8.1, it's on the third spot with a 13.12 percent market share, a slight increase of 0.24 percent compared to last month.
In total Windows has a desktop market share of over 90 percent with Apple's Mac OS X having 7.54 percent. This is where the figures look a bit odd to us.

Apple have half of the numbers of Window 8.1. It is not just that the Apple figures are too high (it is normally about five percent) but that Windows 8.1 are too low by comparison.

Windows 10 has 0.16 percent of the market which also seems a bit high given that we are talking about software testers.

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