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Microsoft surprises with Preview release 10159

by on02 July 2015

Two builds in two days

Three days ago we received a notification that Windows 10158 was available and we got this build installed. 

The Edge browser got updated and started to use new branding, user experience was improved and Cortana got smarter.

Now Microsoft informed us that Preview release 10159 is available for fast ring testers and we installed that version too. Preview release 10159 has some 300 fixes and the validation was happening at the time Microsoft released Preview release 10158 for fast ring testers.

The Preview release 10159 looks more like a bug fix and re can report that our Intel NUC Kit NUC5i5RYK with Broadwell based Intel Core i5-5250U processor runs this build just fine.

With Windows 10 Preview release 10158 we have noticed that Intel made a new graphics driver available and the same driver works just fine with Preview release 10159. The driver was absent for a few releases. The device manager on this small but powerful PC got all drivers installed and Windows 10 looks quite ready to us. The log-in screen looks nicer now and you can log in with a password, PIN or a picture. We still don’t like is the colour scheme of the icons, though.

It takes just 6 seconds to boot Windows and this includes a remote keyboard app and Avast antivirus, but the fact that we have a 16GB of 1600MHz Kingston HyperX DDR3L memory and uber fast Samsung XP941 256GB SSD definitely helps. To put things in perspective, this SSD can read at 1061.38 MB/s and it can write 711.93 MB/s. 


The 4K score is much lower with 23.89 MB/s read and 49.69 MB/s write but the 4K-64Thrd gets speeds up to whooping 906.07 MB/s and write to 212.70 MB/s. Access time is 0.160ms in read and 0.078ms in write mode.

The drive can copy an ISO file at 869.49 MB/s it can copy a program at 241.05 MB/s, and a game at 416.58 MB/s. We can definitely tell you that in the last few month the SSD performance under this system and Windows 10 got quite fast and the fact that ti takes only six seconds to boot definitely means something.

It is just 27 days until the official relase of Windows 10. 

Last modified on 02 July 2015
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