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Oracle fires Java evangelists

by on07 September 2015

No faith in a return from dead or at least dying

It is starting to look like Oracle believes that Java is getting too old and is starting to die.

Just before the long weekend it laid off all the people who are paid to praise Java and convince others to follow it.

One of the evangelists, Simon Ritter, moaned on Facebook to say: "I've heard it said that you should try something new every day. Yesterday I thought I'd see what it was like to be made redundant."

At more than 20 years old, Java is still popular and Oracle is prepared to go to court to defend all the minute of its tiny apps, but developers are starting to move onto other things. Web developers do not like it much either.

Oracle does not really need to promote Java either. Those who might have used it have either done so, or done so and left.
It can't even be tarted up for the Internet of Things, which Oracle is planning to be its next big thing, along with everyone else.

Oracle has publically claimed that Java is perfect for the IoT, but laying off those who would have a job of convincing other people that it can manage the task does not sound like a vote of confidence.

However, people have been declaring Java  dead for nearly a decade, and it refuses to go away. It will be curious to see what Oracle does next with the it, given that it seems less keen to promote it.


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