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Israelis give small robots Glocks

by on07 June 2016

What could possibly go wrong?

Israel's General Robotics has developed tiny 'combat robots' that can climb stairs, traverse difficult terrain, and nail anything that moves with a nine millimetre Glock.

Dubbed 'Dogo' the remote-controlled system has eight cameras to create a 360 degree view and create the ultimate combat game for the soldier in charge of controlling it.

The lightweight robot is designed to go up against a range of targets, allowing it to aim at a standing person or even hit an enemy hiding under the bed.

Your only chance when facing one is to run for about two to five hours and wait for Dogo’s battery to run out. Otherwise your hope is to dodge the 14 bullets the robot has and then jump on it with hobnail boots. So far, operators have been able to engage the weapon and fire five rounds in two seconds, after just a short amount of training according to DU.

Along with a Glock 26 pistol, it also contains non-lethal equipment, including pepper spray or a 'dazzler' that can temporarily blind an aggressor from 5-10 meters away.

The robot was designed to be used by Special Forces, SWAT teams, and Infantry missions, with potential to assist in combat missions involving urban assaults, and counter-terrorism operations.

Last modified on 07 June 2016
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