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Chipzilla spends $25 billion on a new factory in Israel
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Largest international investment in Israel

US chipmaker Intel will spend $25 billion on a new factory in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, calling it the largest-ever international investment in the country.

Israel outsources shooting Palestinians to AI
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What could go wrong?

Israel's army has recently introduced artificial intelligence-powered robotic guns in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli used Indian hackers to spy for Russian oligarchs
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Industrial espionage

An Israeli private investigator currently behind bars in the US used Indian hackers to conduct surveillance operations for ultra-wealthy Russians, a court has been told.

Israel abandons plans to track Omicron using mobiles
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We never meant for the news to get out

Israel said it was abandoning plans to use antiterrorism software and databases to track the movement of suspected Omicron variants.

Israel prevents sales of “cyber security” products to 65 countries
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Only 37 countries are allowed it now

The Israeli government has restricted the list of countries to which local security firms are allowed to sell surveillance and offensive hacking tools by almost two-thirds.

US blacklists NSO
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Thursday, 04 November 2021 13:00

US blacklists NSO

Israeli spyware outfit is officially an entity

The United States added the Israeli spyware company NSO Group to its "entity list," a federal blacklist prohibiting the company from receiving some American technologies, after deciding the company's phone-hacking tools had been used by foreign governments to "maliciously target government officials, journalists, businesspeople, activists, academics, and embassy workers.

Israel spooks destroyed Iranian nuclear facility
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By turning it off and turning it on again

The explosion and blackout at the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran over the weekend might not have been as technologically sophisticated as the Stuxnet cyberattack.

Israeli outfit releases AI training processor
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Habana Gaudi is four times faster than GPU based systems

Israeli AI processor outfit Habana Labs has created an AI training chip which it says works four times faster than systems built around the same number of GPUs.

Israelis deal with cyber attack with an airstrike
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It did not stop at hacking back

Israel used real brute force to deal with a Hamas cyberattack. The IDF just carried out an air strike on the building where it thought the hackers were operating.

Intel plans multi-year expansion projects in Oregon, Ireland and Israel
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Part of its data-centric plans

Chipzilla is talking about manufacturing expansion at its three main sites –  Oregon, Ireland and Israel.