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Microsoft tests “anti-bloatware” tool.

by on20 June 2016

Cue “it deletes Windows 10” gags

Software king of the world Microsoft is testing a handy tool, which scans your computer for bloatware and allows you to delete it.

Before we crack gags at Microsoft’s expense, we should point out that Windows 10 already includes ways to clear out applications and data to repair misbehaving systems or prepare them to be sold, courtesy of the Refresh and Reset features added in Windows 8.

The new refresh tool is available for Windows Insiders, it fetches a copy of Windows online and performs a clean installation. Any other software that's installed is destroyed along with the bloatware that OEMs bundle with their systems.

The new app was released alongside build 14367 for both desktop and mobile devices. It would be rather useful if you bought a new machine and wanted to purge it of all the rubbish before you start using it. Linux fanboys would insist that if Microsoft were being truthful about removing bloatware the software would wipe Windows 10 and replace it with something like Linux mint. Apple fanboys can't comment because they are legally required to automatically accept any bloatware Jobs’ Mob sends them.

Last modified on 20 June 2016
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