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Surface Table gets a French connection

by on06 July 2016

Slightly cheaper

The Surface Table was touted as a damn fine idea a few years ago, but it never really saw much mileage outside the television studios.

While Microsoft thought it would be installing them in every board room they were actually out-evolved by keyboardless netbooks, er Tablets. Many companies thought that the cost of the Surface was too high.

Now it seems that a French firm Kineti has dusted off the idea at a slightly cheaper price.

The La Table Kineti is a Windows 10-powered touchscreen table that supports multi-touch and multiple simultaneous users. The 42-inch, 1080p display is waterproof and you can use it as a table.

Kineti says users can easily share photos and videos from their smartphones and tablets to the table, control their smart home devices, and tilt the display up for video conferencing or if you want to watch a video.

La Table Kineti is $5,600 it's relatively more cost effective than Microsoft's first two Surface Tables which came in at 12,500 for the first generation, and $8,400 for later flavours. You can get your paws on one here

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