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Woz does not think Robots will enslave us

by on07 October 2016

How I quit worrying and learnt to love our robotic overlords

Apple co-founder, but otherwise allrought good bloke,  Steve Wozniak has changed his mind on robots taking over the world and enslaving us.

A few months ago Woz was concerned that robots would rule everything and we would be just like their pet dogs.

However, chatting to Business Insider, Woz said he has changed his mind because he does not believe that changes in Moore’s Law is not going to make those machines smart enough to think like a human.

"When machines can out-think humans, they can't be as intuitive and say what will I do next and what is an approach that might get me there. They can't figure out those sorts of things."

We are not really sure if this is true. Humans will always contrive to be more stupid. After all we find it hard to believe that a Robot would ever be stupid enough to buy an iPhone 7, let alone upgrade every year because some marketing department says they should. Robots are not likely to discriminate based on where they live or come from, or the colour of their casing – unless they are part living creates like Daleks or Cybermen, then they will always think they are the superior beings.

Woz thinks machines might become independent thinkers. But if they do, they're going to be partners of humans over all other species just forever. We are not sure if he meant this in the sex robot sense.

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