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Most Americans listen to streaming music

by on10 January 2017

Apparently the most popular music in the world is made by a male duck

Beancounters working for Nielsen have added up some numbers and divided by their shoe size and reached the conclusion that most Americans get their music streamed to them.

Over 2016, streaming became the primary mode of music consumption in the US.

Overall, on-demand audio streams surpassed 251 billion in 2016 – a 76 percent increase that accounts for 38 percent of the entire music consumption market.

The on-demand audio streaming share of total music consumption has now surpassed total digital sales which are made up of digital albums + digital track equivalents for the first time in history.

There were more streams on an average day in 2016 than song downloads for the entire year.

Nielsen said that streaming’s increased success, was mostly because it was the preferred platform for hip-hop and R&B fans. Apparently, those genres make up 22 percent of all audio consumption, but 28 percent of on-demand streams.

Rock music is the most popular genre with 29 percent of consumption, but features in only one in five streams.

When they say hip-hop they include albums by Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West, the Weeknd.

As a sign that western civilisation has truly collapsed, Drake was placed as Nielsen’s top artist of 2016, earning over 5.4 billion on-demand audio streams. Views was the most consumed album of 2016 with had over three billion streams.

To prove that the rot has crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the number two albumn was Adele’s 25. It had 457 million streams but outperformed in sales with 1.731 million, including 58,000 on vinyl.

Last modified on 10 January 2017
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