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Apple Airbuds suffer from Bluetooth borkage

by on24 January 2017

You get what you pay for

The fruity tax-dodging cargo-cult Apple is finding that its much delayed, expensive wireless headphones shipped with a fault.

iPhone owners of AirPods are finding that not only do the Airpods look like tiny dildo earrings, they also have a habit of randomly disconnecting and reconnecting during calls. This of course makes the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus less useful as a phone and more like a broken iPod.

The Tame Apple Press says that the problem only affects a small number of users. However, Apple has acknowledged the problem which means that it is much wider than the Tame Apple Press is admitting. Apple only acknowledges a problem after many months of soul searching, denial and self-flagellation.

One of the difficulties for Apple is that it delayed the launch of the AirPods and they were so late that it was starting to get to be a joke. Jobs’ Mob told us that it was because it needed more time to ensure the earpieces had reliable connectivity. Apparently that problem was because both earpieces were having difficulty receiving audio at the same time, which is a bit of a bummer if you are trying to listen to stereo.

Now it looks like whatever Jobs’ Mob did, the super cool headphones, whose design they nicked from Oral B drop connection phone calls.

The Tame Apple Press points out that they NEVER lose their connection when used to listen to music or anything else. It points out that the problem ONLY happens on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus phones and every Apple fanboy should have upgraded to the iPhone 7 anyway.

MacRumors replicate the problem if the phone was connected to a Fitbit Blaze or an iWatch, suggesting a more general conflict with other Bluetooth devices.

Unpairing and then repairing the AirPods does not appear to solve the problem, neither does rebooting nor resetting the iPhone. Until Apple offers a solution, users are advised to use only one AirPod for conducting calls, as the dropouts only seem to occur when both earpieces are in use.

Otherwise they could be sensible and crush the tiny dildos, smash the iPhone and get a nice bit of natty Chinese technology which has the same functionality, more reliably, for half the price.

Last modified on 24 January 2017
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