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Chess champion says we need to embrace AI

by on19 June 2017

Does not like Putin but will accept an autocratic robot overlord

Chess champion Garry Kasparov who is also renowned for his dislike of being told what to do by Tsar Putin, apparently sees nothing wrong with AI.

Kasparov was beaten at his game by a chess playing AI. But he does not think that AI is a bad thing. In an interview with the BBC, Kasparov said that humans have to start recognizing the inevitability of machines taking over more and more tasks that we used to do in the past.

“It's called progress. Machines replaced farm animals and all forms of manual labor, and now machines are about to take over more menial parts of cognition. Big deal. It's happening. And we should not be alarmed about it. We should just take it as a fact and look into the future, trying to understand how can we adjust."

Kasparov last month released a new book called Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins.

He said that the IBM machine that beat him "was anything but intelligent. It was as intelligent as your alarm clock.

“A very expensive one, a $10 million alarm clock, but still an alarm clock. Very poweful -- brute force, with little chess knowledge. But chess proved to be vulnerable to the brute force. it could be crunched once hardware got fast enough and databases got big enough, and algorithms got smart enough."

Today “a free chess app on the latest mobile phone is stronger than Deep Blue,” Kasparov said.


Last modified on 19 June 2017
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