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Now even the Swiss have a faster supercomputer than the US

by on20 June 2017

And some of their soldiers have carried pikes for 600 years.

The US has been falling behind in the supercomputer race which it has dominated for 24 years and been losing ground to the Chinese who have the top two slots.

Now the best bit of kit that the Americans have – the US Department of Energy's Cray XK7, has been beaten by a machine from Switzerland, pushing the US to number four.

Switzerland's Piz Daint system, which is installed at the country's national supercomputer centre boosted its performance from 9.8 petaflops to 19.6 which meant it surpassed the 17.6 petaflop capacity of the DoE machine, found at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

We guess it means it can hide Nazi gold a lot faster but it is dwarged by the 93 petaflops available to the Sunway TaihuLight machine at the nation's supercomputing centre in Wuxi.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory looks set to return to the top three later this year, when its Summit supercomputer comes online. This is expected to have a peak performance of more than 100 petaflops. However the Chinese are expected to upgrade too. 

Last modified on 20 June 2017
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