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Industry giants back Apple in Qualcomm case

by on21 July 2017

Trust me, we’re industry giants

A group that represents industry giants has sided with Apple fighting a legal case Qualcomm has made has sent the US International Trade Commission (ITC) comments that take the side of the fruity cargo cult.

The group, called the Computer & Communications Industry Association, thinks that Qualcomm’s call to ban Apple from importing telephones made outside of the USA would harm Americans. That's what Donald Trump thinks too, sometimes.

The association has as some of its members, corporate giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, Intel and Samsung, according to Reuters.

The association apparently believes that Qualcomm is monopolistic and it claims its comments are made on the behalf of ordinary people that buy telephones.

Qualcomm is locked in legal battles with Apple in a standoff that’s probably costing both of them a not so pretty penny.

Last modified on 21 July 2017
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