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It's the death of the cookie monster

by on07 March 2018

Most marketers don't consider them reliable.

More than 60 per cent  of marketers believe they will no longer need to rely on tracking cookies and it looks like a 20 year old desktop based technology is about to die out.

According to  Axios most digital marketing will abandon cookie based systems within the next two years.

It is being replaced with more personalised data and targeting is done without using cookies. Marketers are moving away from using cookies to track user data on the web to target ads now that people are moving away from desktop. 90 per cent of marketers say they see improved performance from people-based marketing, compared with cookie-based campaign.

It does not help that privacy initiatives such as Europe's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), are banning cookie tracking of user data. But another key issue is that cookies don't work on mobile apps, and the majority of time spent on mobile by consumer is within apps. The tags used to launch the cookies can also slow down websites.


Last modified on 07 March 2018
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