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Apple set to SOC it to 'em, baby

by on10 October 2018

If you go it alone, you make more money

A senior analyst predicted at a conference in Barcelona today that following its success on the processor front, it is only a matter of time before Apple creates its own system on a chip (SOC), bypassing suppliers in its egostructure (sic).

Steve Brazier, chief analyst at Canalys – an analytical firm that focuses on relationships between vendors, distributors and resellers – said that every year he makes predictions for what's going to happen in the year to come.

Apple is coining it in on all fronts and has the will and the wish to become, in effect, its own supplier, so increasing its already hefty margins.

But Brazier had some bad news for the tech industry as a whole. He predicted that while growth was phenomenal this time last year, this coming year revenues are set to slump. Canalys was right about that then and so is confident now about his latest predictions.

And it's not all plain sailing for telcos either, who will struggle to find the cash to implement 5G as fast as they'd wish. That's largely, he said, because of the cost of infrastructure involved. European telcos, he suggested, perhaps should take a leaf out of China's book.

China has no hesitation investing in skeletal structures on which muscles, flesh and other vital organs depend, and breathing life into the body politic.


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