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Amazon to sell Apple gear

by on12 November 2018

Long term rivals bury the hatchet 

Apple and Amazon have buried the hatchet only a few years after Jobs’ Mob arranged a pricing cartel to shut the book seller out of the ebook market.

Amazon said it would carry more Apple products globally in time for the holiday shopping season, as the technology rivals put aside past differences to boost sales.

In coming weeks, the world’s biggest online retailer will sell the latest editions of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and other devices in the United States, Europe, Japan and India. Amazon sold a limited assortment from Apple previously that included Mac computers and Beats headphones.

Apple which long resisted distributing products via Amazon, are increasingly turning to the e-commerce site because it has become a critical channel for reaching customers.

Amazon has taken a harder line on counterfeit goods.

As part of the deal Amazon will purge the site of Apple products from third-party merchants not blessed by Jobs’ Mob.

The lineup will include the Apple Watch but not the Apple HomePod which no one actually wants and is a “rival” to Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo device.

Amazon carries the Apple TV, but only after it became compatible with Amazon’s Prime Video.

“We’re working with Amazon to improve the experience for Apple customers on their site and we look forward to those customers having another great way to buy iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and more”, Apple said in a statement.

Last modified on 12 November 2018
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