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Assange gets a year in jail

by on01 May 2019

For jumping bail

The founder of WikiLeaks was sent down for 50 weeks for evading justice in 2012 hiding from the long arm of the law by  holing himself up in the Ecuador embassy in London.


Julian Assange had been facing extradition to Sweden, where there were allegations of sexual assault against him.

The presiding beak, Judge Deborah Taylor, said in court that the offence was more serious than most.

While a statute of limitations has expired on one case of sexual assault in Sweden, it is possible that the authorities there might seek to extradite Assange again.

Soon he faces a fresh hearing. The USA wants to extradite him on a conspiracy charge for helping make public access to classified material.

Assange claims that he jumped bail because he feared that if he was extradited to Sweden, he'd then be extradited to the USA.

Last modified on 01 May 2019
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