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Apple surpases itself for pricing stupidity

by on05 June 2019

$1000 for a monitor stand?  

The fruity cargo-cult Apple appears to be seeing how much cash it can screw out of its customers before they realise they have been had.

For years now, Apple has been jacking up the prices on its products in the assumption that Apple fanboys have deep pockets, low technical intelligence, and a flawed belief that big price tag means quality. However, the move just got silly when Apple slapped a $1000 price tag on a monitor stand.

Apple just announced its latest pro-level monitor: the $4,999 6K Pro Display XDR. According to Apple’s official technical spec page for the Pro Display XDR, included in the box with the new $4,999 monitor will be a power cord, a Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable, and a polishing cloth. Conspicuously missing is any form of a stand.

The stand itself appeared to be pretty important to the whole product. The magnetically attached Pro Stand allows the screen to tilt, angle, and even rotate from landscape to portrait modes.

So in other words the Pro Stand as a $999 device that’s crucial to the basic setup and use of the already over priced monitor it’s designed for.

Even the Tame Apple Press heralds the deal as the "Apple's most expensive dongle of all time" although it is unclear if that is praise or not. 

Apple hasn’t explained why the Pro Stand is so expensive. The Tame Apple press claims it is using its  own proprietary mounting system to connect the Pro Stand and VESA mount to the Pro Display XDR -  however no one can actually come up with a reason.  It is not made from gold and a couple of magnets can't cost that much -- even if you buy them from Harrods. 

We hope that Apple fanboys will finally wake up to the fact that the company just hates them and sees them as stupid marks as we do. 


Last modified on 05 June 2019
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