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Project Trident tells FreeBSD to fork off

by on21 October 2019

Moving to Void Linux

Project Trident is moving from FreeBSD to Void Linux due to “long-standing issues with FreeBSD”.

For those not in the know, Project Trident is a desktop-focused operating system based on TrueOS. It uses the Lumina desktop as well as a number of self-developed utilities to provide an easy-to-use system that both BSD beginners and advanced system administrators can feel comfortable running.

However that is all set to change due to “hardware compatibility, communications standards, or package availability continue to limit Project Trident users".

According to a conversation on Telegram, FreeBSD has just updated its build of the Telegram client and it was nine releases behind everyone else.

The lead dev of Project Trident, Ken Moore, is also the main developer of the Lumina Desktop. The Lumina Desktop has been on hold for a while because the Project Trident team had to do so much work just to keep their packages updated. Once they complete the transition to Void Linux, Ken will start working on Lumina again.

After much searching and testing, the Project Trident team decided to use Void Linux as their new base.

The Project Trident site said: “It's important to reiterate that Project Trident is a distribution of an existing operating system. Project Trident has never been a stand-alone operating system. The goal of Project Trident is enhancing the usability of an operating system as a graphical workstation through all sorts of means: custom installers, automatic setup routines, graphical utilities, and more...The more we've tested Void Linux, the more impressed we have been. We look forward to working with an operating system that helps Project Trident continue to provide a stable, high-quality graphical desktop experience."


Last modified on 21 October 2019
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