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A third of developers are self taught

by on15 January 2020

Most content developers live in the UK

A third of developers consider themselves self-taught according to a new report from French start-up CodinGame.

The outfit surveyed 20,000 "coding passionates" in 120 countries. For the third year running, the company profiled their developer community asking interviewees about their daily workload, their habits and other aspects of their profession. Discover the results of this large-scale study that analyses the profession of the developer.

The profession of developer and its apprenticeship is currently undergoing a profound change. Like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg who have learnt to code on their own when they were only in middle school, more and more developers master coding without having to learn the necessary skills in a classroom.

According to the CodinGame 2020 survey, one in three respondents declares that they are self-taught developers and have learnt to code on their own, mainly using free resources such as tutorials, books, YouTube etc.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that 58.2 percent of the interviewed developers have been taught to code in school or at university to refine their knowledge.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence claim the top spot in the ranking: 49.2 percent of the consulted developers wish to learn more about these technologies in 2020 versus 48.7 percent for 2019. Video game development and web development come in second and third.

In this last survey, CodinGame asked developers how much they liked their job from a scale to 1 to 10. 66.4 percent of the interviewees gave a grade between seven and ten, revealing that developers are, overall, happy in their place of work.

Developers from all over the world participated in this enquiry. The most represented countries are: France, the United States, India, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Canada. So in which countries do developers feel the most “fulfilled”?

CodinGame established a ranking of the top ten countries according to the results of the survey: the United Kingdom was in the first position, followed by Canada and then the United States. France ranks sixth with an average score of 6.97/10.

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