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Microsoft kills off Explorer

by on16 January 2020

All roads lead to Chrome

Microsoft today killed off Explorer and moved to the same code base as Google’s Chrome.

Internet Explorer and Edge might not have shared a name, but they share the same logo—a shiny blue E. Until today, Internet Explorer and Edge shared an engine. Edge, until today, ran on EdgeHTML, a fork of Trident, the engine behind Internet Explorer.

When Microsoft decided to use EdgeHTML, it made sense. Internet Explorer had once been the biggest web browser around and consequently, lots of web page designers focused their energies on making their sites work for IE. But the Volish browser never gained the popularity it needed. Chrome, which uses the Blink engine, was much more popular and most web developers designed their sites based around it.

Vole’s change means that Edge users will find far fewer broken websites. It also means that  Google will be watching your visits.

The new version of Microsoft’s primary web browser can be found at".

It will also be able to import data from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or other browsers. Though it will still require a Microsoft Account to sync data across multiple instances of the Edge browser.

The process to move the total install base to the new Microsoft Edge is expected to take four to six weeks.

Last modified on 16 January 2020
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