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Brits think their phone is killing their sperm

by on20 February 2020


And you can charge an iPhone in seconds by putting it in a microwave has been asking British people daft mobile phone beliefs to see if they are as stupid as many in Europe believe and discovered that the nation which gave us Brexit is probably a sandwich short of a cut lunch when it comes to mobile tech.

According to research by  OnBuy's mobile phone department, apparently a third of Brits believe a mobile phone can reduce sperm count or fertility,  66 percent think a bag of rice will revive a wet phone,  and 18 percent believe 5G conspiracy theories.  Our favourite, which we encourage people to try, is that you can charge an iPhone in 20 seconds using a microwave oven. That was believed by a quarter of Brits.

In terms of mobile phone security, most Brits (75 percent ) believe taking out the SIM card keeps you from being tracked – probably because they’ve seen it in the movies.

But, sans SIM card, your phone can still be tracked by authorities if power remains in the battery.

More than six percent of Brits believe you can cook an egg by placing it between two mobile phones and one in five believe you can be killed using a phone when there’s a lightning storm. found the most popular thing Brits believe when it comes to mobile phone batteries is… Apps running in the background use up battery (87 percent). This is more common sense than a myth, but it’s worth noting modern smartphones are designed to optimise foreground “tasks” while others harmlessly float in the background.

Here are the list of myths that asked to see if anyone believed.


Do you believe…


Apps running in the background use up the battery


A screen protector will stop your phone getting scratched


Taking out your SIM card keeps you from being tracked


More megapixels = better camera


You can dry a wet phone in a bag of rice


Phones interfere with hospitals and planes


Overcharging a phone damages the battery


Charging your phone overnight is bad for it


You shouldn't keep your phone in the same pocket as a credit card


Having a phone near your private parts can reduce sperm count / fertility 


Incognito mode protects your privacy


Smartphones give off dangerous radiation


Mobile phone use near a petrol pump can cause an explosion


You shouldn't use your phone while it’s charging


A bigger battery means longer battery life


You should drain your battery completely before charging


Free Wi-Fi is safe to use



You will find the study in full here:

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