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Domain-specific silicon is the way forward

by on19 August 2020

SiFive opens OpenFive

Commercial RISC-V processor IP and silicon solutions outfit SiFive has started an outfit called OpenFive to create customisable, silicon-focused solutions with differentiated-IP.

OpenFive will be led by Shafy Eltoukhy, SVP, and general manager of OpenFive. OpenFive is solution-centric and uniquely positioned to design processor agnostic SoCs and deliver high-quality silicon.

Eltoukhy said that the world is moving towards domain-specific architectures to solve the needs of power, performance, and cost.

“OpenFive innovates with segment-specific silicon solutions based on optimised processor and SoC IP targeted to our customers’ requirements”, he said.

Domain-specific silicon has emerged as the method for delivering efficient, high-performance silicon and software solutions for modern computing challenges. OpenFive’s Idea-to-Silicon solutions built with our advanced design methodologies on leading-edge foundry processes nodes down to 5nm, and 2.5D packaging technology enable domain-specific SoCs in exciting new applications, according to Etoukhy.

He claims OpenFive offers customisable and differentiated SoC IP for Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, HPC, and Networking solutions. The OpenFive portfolio includes low-latency, high-throughput Interlaken connectivity fabric, 400/800G Ethernet, High-bandwidth memory (HBM2/E), USB subsystem IP, and die-to-die interconnect IP for next-generation heterogeneous chiplet-style products.

Naveed Sherwani, Chairman, President, and CEO of SiFive said: ““OpenFive will accelerate the adoption of domain-specific silicon designs for workload-focused performance and adopting of RISC-V in heterogenous ISA designs will benefit the performance and scalability of products, and encourage more technology companies to move to open, free ISAs for their computing needs.”


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