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Criminals flog fake chips. Vendors buy into the scams

by on15 July 2021

Chip crisis hits new high. Or low

As if shortages in semiconductors weren't enough to give car manufacturers, computer manufacturers, medical manufacturers and others a case of the screaming heebie-jeebies, it seems some  vendors have bought into an international scam to sell fake chips to put into their devices.

According to the august, sorry July,  Wall Street Journal, a NY manufacturer, Botfactory, sourced a batch of semiconductors that didn't quite make the grade. A Botfactory senior engineer, according to the WSJ, bought chips that weren't quite up to grade.

Mr  Andrew Ippoliti at  Botfacrory, claims, the Journal said, many of the semiconductors didn't work.

Apparently this is a common thing. Let's hope that if we need a heart fibrillator or if we need to complete a Powerpointless deck, use an electronic toilet, or our smart refrigerator or digital assist fails to wake us up,  we don't get caught short.  You can view the report ici la.  Botfactory makes 3D printers.

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