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Digital nomad population growing

by on25 October 2021

Building a new country Plumia

It's estimated there are 10.9 million digital nomads just in the US — and two digital nomads writing for The Next Web point out they're just part of a larger trend.

Remote workers want to completely redefine the role governments play in digital nomads' movement and regulation. By laying the foundation for the next generation of travel and work, an internet country called Plumia.

Plumia wants to build the alternative using decentralised technologies, while also working with countries and institutions on policies that achieve common goals.

Begun in 2020 as an independent project by remote-first travel insurance company, SafetyWing, Plumia's plan is to combine the infrastructure for living anywhere with the functions of a geographic country.

The idea is that there are more than 35 million digital nomads who are growing in numbers and financial clout.

The report is that tourist-starved countries have updated their travel policies for borderless workers. In Summer 2020, a handful of nations launched visa programs to attract digital nomads, starting with Estonia in June, then Barbados, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Anguilla, Antigua, and later, most of Eastern Europe.

Apparently more than 30 nations offer some form of incentive for traveling remote workers. Sweetheart deals like income tax breaks, subsidised housing, and free multiple entry have become as popular as employee work benefits.

Some ambitious nomads, like activist and author Lauren Razavi, have also started to advocate for their rights as global citizens and the future of borderless work.

Currently in development, Plumia is focusing on developing member-focused services and content... Verifying a digital identity, maintaining a 'permanent address' whilst on the move, switching service providers and jurisdictions on the fly, complying with complicated tax and labour laws — these are all thorny issues to solve.


Last modified on 25 October 2021
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