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Apple allows developers to jack up app subscriptions

by on18 May 2022

Without users' permission

Fruit and Nutty cargo cult Apple is going to allow app developers to jack up subscription prices without asking user’s permission.

Now Apple fanboys must explicitly agree to a pricing change when the cost of a subscription increases through an "Agree to New Price" interface. If a customer does not tap on agree when the warning comes up, their subscription is automatically cancelled.

Now it seems that Apple has decided that level of protection is not needed. Apple has blessed developers to jack up the prices when they like. Customers will have to be informed rather than needing to agree.

Apple says that "under specific conditions and with advance user notice" developers can offer an auto-renewable subscription price increase without the user needing to take action and without their subscription being impacted.

Apple said that a pricing increase cannot occur more than once per year, and it cannot exceed $5 and 50 per cent of the subscription price, or $50 and 50 per cent for an annual subscription price.

Apple said that it will always notify users of the pricing increase in advance, via email, push notification, and a message within the app. Apple will also provide instructions on how to view, manage, and cancel subscriptions.


Last modified on 18 May 2022
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