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Apple cult being banned for stealing technology

by on18 July 2022

Colombia first to bite 

Fruity cargo cult Apple is starting to see sales bans due to a 5G patent infringement dispute between it and Ericsson.

The ban affects the latest models, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and the iPad Pro, which the court found infringed Ericsson's patent pertaining to 5G tech. The first state to ban the tech is Columbia.

Apple's counter attack to losing the case is to sue  Ericsson in Texas, "for damages that resulted from the ruling in Colombia, as well as any fines, fees, penalties, and costs that have been incurred because of it."

The site FOSS Patents notes that Colombia reached the "banning" stage less than six months after the beginning of "the current wave of Ericsson v. Apple patent infringement actions." ZDNet explains:

Basically Apple used to admit that it had not invented 5G gear and paid Ericsson royalty fees.  However, one day it woke up and thought "we don't need to pay any more because we are Apple." Ericsson sued Apple which countersued claiming that the son of Eric was violating FRAND rules, the patents were standard-essential patents, Ericsson's licensing fees were too high and it was Apple.

The Tame Apple press said that the ban in Columbia is nothing to worry about because the market is small and Apple is great.  But the problem is several more lawsuits are making their way through various courts in various territories. And since Apple isn't disputing the validity of the patents, it's almost certainly opening itself out to bans being enforced in other countries.


Last modified on 18 July 2022
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