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Facebook pushing dangerous apps

by on03 August 2022

While sticking people in Facebook prison for no reason

While Facebook's AI is locking people out for saying that Liz Truss should be hanged, drawn and quartered, it is failing to stop malicious mobile apps and the aggressive advertising campaigns.

McAfee researchers have noticed a Facebook advertising campaign which promises to optimise the mobile endpoint and rid it of spyware, adware, and other malware. However, the apps pushed ads, while changing their names and icons frequently in order to stay on the victim's device for as long as possible. Sometimes the App pretended to be the Play Store.

According to Bleeping Computer, The apps serve the ads by abusing the Contact Provider Android component, meaning every time the user installs a new app, the adware uses this subsystem, and begins the ad-serving process.

The adware apps also create a permanent service for displaying the advertisements, and if user terminates the service, it just restarts.

These are the apps advertised on Facebook that McAfee found as malicious. They have since been removed from the Play Store:

Junk Cleaner
Power Doctor
Super Clean
Full Clean -Clean Cache
Fingertip Cleaner
Quick Cleaner
Keep Clean
Windy Clean
Carpet Clean
Cool Clean
Strong Clean
Meteor Clean


Last modified on 03 August 2022
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