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China flogging dodgy chips to Russia

by on19 October 2022

Failure rates up 1,900 per cent

The failure rate of semiconductors shipped from China to Russia has increased by 1,900 percent in recent months, according to Russian national business daily Kommersant.

Kommersant said that before the invasion of Ukraine the defect rate in imported silicon was two per cent, but it appears that the Chinese are getting sloppier and the Russians are too desperate to mention it.

Russian manufacturers are seeing 40 per cent failure rates which fits into the "unfit for purpose" and bordering on "junk value only" levels.  Even if the chips work they are slower than an asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping.

The newspaper lays the blame on economic sanctions that have seen many major businesses quit Russia, which means it is all the West's fault, but it is equally possible that the Chinese are seeing Russia as a good place to dump duff products. They get away with it because buyers of products self-incriminate if they complain to authorities. 


Last modified on 19 October 2022
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