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Google explains how it is going to fact-check things

by on30 November 2022

Including on YouTube where it invented flat earth theory

Google has explained how its fact-checking initiatives will work soon in its bid to stop fake news and science. This will apply to YouTube which boffins have previously claimed was responsible for the return to popularity of flat earth theory.

The search engine and YouTube have announced a $13.2 million grant for the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). This will contribute to the launch of a Global Fact Check Fund to financially support 135 fact-checking organisations spread across 65 countries to fight fake news being propagated in over 80 languages. It will open in early 2023.

Meanwhile, Google is trialing other fact-checking tools and even rolled out a few of them.

Fact checks from independent organisations are highlighted in Google Search, News, and Images. Panels to provide more context also appear on YouTube in six countries, with plans for a wider rollout soon. There is also a Fact Check Explorer utility that allows anyone to verify the claims about a topic or a person.

The Breaking News panel is surfaced in YouTube search results where relevant, showing developing content from reputable outlets. If the topic you're searching for has yet to have extensive results, Google Search will highlight this to you through a notice. Meanwhile, the "About this result" button can be used on Google Search before you decide to dive deep into a search result.

A spokesGoogle said that starting next year, YouTube will host a training series for fact-checking organisations interested in learning more about the platform and best practices for video content strategy and engagement.

“YouTube also recently launched Hit Pause, a media literacy initiative to help viewers spot and evaluate misinformation. Additionally, Google continues to partner with organisations focused on media literacy through the Google News Initiative,” Google said.


Last modified on 30 November 2022
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