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Apple’s overpriced cheese grater will not allow graphics upgrades

by on27 January 2023

Does not look like you can upgrade anything on the thing

Fruity cargo cult Apple does not look like it will be allowing businesses who have shelled out up to $50,000 on its Mac Pros to carry out GPU upgrades.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman cheered as he announced that the new Mac Pro would support modular graphics courtesy of an expansion port on the motherboard. However, now he has written a story claiming that Mac Pros “may lack user upgradeable GPUs. “

Gurman did not say why he had changed his mind. 

The new Mac Pro is becoming increasingly less flexible, especially for its price tag. We already know that it will not support user-replaceable RAM so not being permitted to upgrade the GPU might be a deal killer.

Mac Pro customers can upgrade their SSD storage via two internal slots or external Thunderbolt 4 ports, which strikes us as a particularly inelegant way of doing it.

It would appear that the fruity cargo-cult does not understand is that the Mac Pro is a business machine which comes with a corporate price tag. Farting around consumer users is one thing, but playing the same games with corporates is going to force them to start looking at better value for money.

The Mac Pro costs nearly $54,000 fully decked out with a 28-core Xeon W processor, 1.5B of DDR4 memory, dual Radeon Pro W690X GPUs, an Afterburner card and an 8TB SSD. It might expect a little more flexibility from Apple after spending that amount of cash.


Last modified on 27 January 2023
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