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Hotmail's spam filters tiggered

by on21 February 2023

Not known if it is a bug, a glitch, or a buglitch

Software King of the World Microsoft is having a few problems with the spam filters on its Hotmail/Outlook webservice.

Some users are complaining that their junk email filtering systems are tiggered and heaps of spam are making their way into their inboxes.

Microsoft has been on the blower to some affected individuals on social media with invitations to DM to discuss the issue, there’s yet to be an official response declaring this to be the fault of a specific known bug, or a buglitch which is like an undead glitch.

Hotmail is now trending on Twitter too, which must be making some Microsoft execs particularly annoyed since these tweeters aren’t even using the proper name. But you get that when you decide to change the name of a product which has been popular since the dawn of the web.

Some are speculating that somebody at Microsoft accidentally hit a switch they shouldn’t have and swamped the world with spam but this is unlikely.

Normally, Outlook/Hotmail allows you to set a specific level of junk filter protection; set it high and the automated system will aggressively target potential spam emails, although this does run the risk of sending actual legit emails to your junk folder.


Last modified on 21 February 2023
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