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Vole beavers away on Core OS

by on29 March 2023

Modular and customisable variant of Windows

Software King of the World Microsoft is having a go at modernising the Windows platform with many of the same innovations it was working on for Windows Core OS.

What is different with this is that Vole is focusing on native compatibility for legacy Win32 applications on devices.

Codenamed CorePC, the project aims to be a modular and customisable variant of Windows for Microsoft which will work with different form factors. It does not need to be applied to all Windows PCs as not all of them need legacy Win32 app support, and CorePC will allow Microsoft to configure "editions" of Windows with varying levels of feature and app compatibility.

What is sexy from a programming perspective [is that possible? Ed] is that the CorePC is state separated, just like Windows Core OS. State separation which allows enables faster updates and a more secure platform via read-only partitions that are inaccessible to the user and third-party apps.

This is something that Vole might have picked up from Android or Apple iOS. CorePC splits up the OS into multiple partitions, which is key to enabling faster OS updates. State separation enables faster and more reliable system reset functionality, which has been a winner for Chromebook devices in education.

Once Microsoft has finished, it will have a Windows version that competes with Chromebooks in OS footprint, performance, and capabilities.


Last modified on 29 March 2023
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