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Apple’s headset is going to be an expensive turkey

by on26 April 2023

Batteries and wires – it is going to be worse than even we suspected

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell-on-earth yarn claiming that $3000 Apple’s new VR glasses will be even more useless than hardened cynics like us could imagine.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has reported that after much internal debate, Apple decided to move forward with a headset design that works with an external battery pack connected by a wire.

Previously we believed that the battery would be attached to the headset using a magnetic connection, but it seems that Apple realised that placing a battery on the headset would make it too bulky and heavy for fanboys whose puny little necks might snap.

Apple employees against this approach argued that it made the headset clunky, especially in public and now with a wire attacked the whole ensemble is going to look fairly silly.

Gurman writes that the headset will have USB-C and a new proprietary power port. The USB-C port will be used just for data, whereas the proprietary port will be used for "a charging cable that goes into the headset and has a round tip that inserts magnetically."

The battery life is still going to be a dismissal two hours and now with the wires, it will have even more for fanboys to trip over.

What is worrying some at Apple, is that the VR headset is supposed to be its next “big thing” as it searches for something to replace its iPhone cash cow. Releasing a product like this, which even the Tame Apple Press can’t find much positive to say, is going to make Apple look rather silly -- or rather sillier.


Last modified on 26 April 2023
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