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Apple has the highest number of complaint and support searches

by on13 September 2023

Stockholm syndrome fanboys remain loyal

Apple has the highest number of support and complaint-related searches than any other tech company and yet it still ranks third in customer loyalty among Fortune 100 tech companies

B2B Marketplace DesignRush created the Customer Loyalty Index and said that Apple has the strongest financial score and social media presence compared to other companies, with the most YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram followers.

The fight for customer loyalty in tech is fierce. Top brands like Apple and Google have created legions of advocates and developed close-knit ecosystems and blockbuster events making it hard for customers to consider leaving.

Apple placed third behind Alphabet (Google) and Intel regarding customer loyalty, but this might be considered strange when Jobs’ Mob, Apple scored lowest for customer service, with over 1.2 million monthly searches for customer service and support.

This implies that Apple fanboys suffer from Stockholm syndrome and need urgent deprogramming.

As number one Google also suffered from poor customer service -- the second-highest behind Apple, and the most complaint searches.

Intel has the second-highest tech customer loyalty score but had some of the lowest customer service and complaint-related search volumes, indicating that support channels are already provided or unnecessary.  Oddly Intel scored below average for finances and popularity compared to other tech giants.

This would imply that the better you are at handling customers the less popular you are going to be. However, Microsoft, which is the fourth in terms of loyalty also reported poor customer support and the third highest complaints.

IBM, which rated fifth in terms of loyalty had much fewer complaints about poor customer service.

Gianluca Ferruggia, General Manager at DesignRush, commented on the findings: “The Customer Loyalty Index expands on the NPS system, considering more data points related to loyalty, such as social media presence and how customers rate you to others. Out of the Fortune 100, the companies with the highest valuations, revenues, and profits tended to score higher on the Customer Loyalty Index, indicating a correlation between loyalty, profit, and long-term success.

“For many businesses, a large number of customers will come through a web search, whether new or returning, so ensuring your search engine optimisation is the best it can be will make a considerable difference to customer engagement and retention.”

The study was conducted by DesignRush, providing valuable data on relevant trends that help businesses make educated decisions from their years of experience in the B2B community. 

Last modified on 13 September 2023
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