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Tame Apple Press celebrates iPhone’s radical new feature - a USB-C port

by on13 September 2023

Otherwise, it is the same as last year’s phone

The Tame Apple Press has been extremely moist about Apple’s new range of iPhones while quietly moaning behind the scenes that there is nothing to see.

For those who came in late, the press has been full of stories about how wonderful the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are for those who can spend a lot of money. One over-enthused tech reporter who appeared to have been off his meds even claimed in print that the iPhone 15 Plus had the same computer power as a top-of-the-range computer (we kid you not).

The fact is that the new phones have titanium body and Apple’s latest chip and...  er that is it. In fact, the only different in technology between the old phones and the new is that they will have a USB-C port.

That is right, the only "innovation" comes from Apple being strong armed into adopting the same technology as everyone else by the European Union.

There is not even a change in design and this year's iPhone looks largely the same as the iPhone 14 before it, with the iPhone 15 continuing to use a 6.1-inch display. All models of the iPhone 15 will come with the Dynamic Island. That's the pill-shaped cutout that first debuted on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, providing a new way to see certain notifications and interact with apps.

The iPhone 15 also has an OLED Super Retina display, which supports Dolby Vision content with 1,600 nits of brightness. The peak brightness of this display is 2,000 nits in sunlight, double that of the iPhone 14.

Basically, you are looking at a more expensive iPhone 14 with a USB-C.  While the Tame Apple Press is doing its best to gush about the new phones in public, some of the more fervent hack fanboys are disappointed and feel let down – at least on a Facebook group for hacks we are on.

“Another minor refresh of hardware. A shame – Apple’s innovation really did die alongside Jobs.”

“It's almost as good as the phone I'm typing this on: a Xiaomi Note 9 Pro, costing £200 18 months ago. “

"It's their best iPhone ever* (*until September 2024)"


Last modified on 13 September 2023
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