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Crypto crooks use Calendly to con coiners

by on01 March 2024

Apple fanboys are a soft target

Apple fanboys are being targeted by a .scam that uses Calendly, a popular online meeting tool, to trick them into installing nasty malware.

According to  Krebs on Security, The fraudsters pretend to be big-shot investors who want to chat about crypto deals. They target Apple fanboys because they are famous for having more money than sense. But when Apple victims click the link to join the video call, they download a sneaky Mac-based script that gives the hackers complete control of their expensive toys and wallets.

The scam is linked to a gang of North Korean cyber-criminals called BlueNoroff, who are part of the notorious Lazarus group. They have been robbing banks, casinos, and crypto firms for years, using clever tricks and tools to bypass security.

 One of their tricks is to use the "Add Custom Link" feature of Calendly to plant their malicious links on event pages. This way, they can lure unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts into their trap.

Last modified on 01 March 2024
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