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FBI snoops on your phone to catch crooks

by on01 March 2024

And women seeking abortions

The FBI uses a sneaky trick to unmask criminals who use their phones to do evil deeds or women who stand against the “handmaiden laws” of their state.

The spooks are asking tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook to hand over data from their push notifications - the messages that pop up on your screen when you get a new email, message, or update.

The Washington Post found that the feds have filed at least 130 warrants for this data in 14 states. They use it to link suspects to dodgy apps that let them chat anonymously, like Wickr.

There's no hiding from the FBI - they can track down the users by their "push tokens", which are unique codes that identify each app and device. Even if you turn off your notifications, you're still not safe.

Some people might think this is a clever way to catch Kiddy fiddlers and terrorists, but others are worried that the FBI could abuse this power. They could spy on innocent people who are just exercising their rights, like protesters or women who want abortions in states which have degrees insisting women are baby-producing enslaved people.

Last modified on 01 March 2024
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