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Nvidia's robot revolution

by on19 March 2024

I am Project gr00t

Nvidia's gone full sci-fi, unveiling Project GR00T – the  AI set to turbocharge our future plastic pals who are fun to be with some serious smarts.

Revealed at the GTC conference, this tech marvel is teaching tin men to chat, watch, and learn from us humans to get stuff done.

Nvidia's head honcho, Jensen [lower your expectations] Huang, is buzzing about making robots that can think independently. They've cooked up a beastly chip called Jetson Thor to power these metal marvels.

Jetson Thor is based on the NVIDIA Thor system-on-a-chip (SoC). It features:

Modular Architecture: Jetson Thor’s architecture is optimised for performance, power efficiency, and size. It’s designed to handle complex tasks while ensuring safe and natural interactions with people and other machines.

Next-Generation GPU: The SoC includes a powerful GPU based on the NVIDIA Blackwell architecture, capable of delivering 800 teraflops of 8-bit floating point AI performance. This computational muscle allows Jetson Thor to run multimodal generative AI models like Project GR00T.

Functional Safety Processor: Jetson Thor integrates a functional safety processor, a high-performance CPU cluster, and 100GB of Ethernet bandwidth, simplifying robot developers' design and integration efforts.

Comprehensive AI Platform: NVIDIA collaborates with leading humanoid robot companies, including 1X Technologies, Agility Robotics, Boston Dynamics, and more, to build a comprehensive AI platform.

Nvidia's not just about humanoid hotshots; they're crafting clever arms for industry and bots that can zip around any old place without bumping into things.

So, what's this GR00T got up its sleeve? It's a whiz at picking up our vocabulary and copying our moves to make robots that can mingle in our world. And anyone can teach these droids new tricks; no Ph.D. is required.

Huang strutted his stuff, showing off GR00T's gang of robots doing everything from lifting boxes to strutting their stuff. And it's not just Nvidia playing Dr. Frankenstein; OpenAI's in on the action, too, backing whizz-kids making bots that tidy up and do the chores.

Nvidia's keeping some secrets under wraps, but they've let slip that this tech's got more muscle than ever before, with a GPU that's eight times mightier and a CPU that's got 2.6 times the oomph.

Who are the brains behind GR00T? Nvidia's own Isaac Robotics Platform is a one-stop shop for building and training robot whizzes. They've even got special tools for making robot arms that can pick up a pin and bots that can see the world 360 degrees.

Partners are already queuing up to get their hands on this gear, with big names in logistics and manufacturing eager to beef up their bots with Nvidia know-how.

While Project GR00 T is still under wraps, Nvidia is rolling out the red carpet for more robot builders to join the party. So, gear up, folks—the robot revolution's just starting, and it looks mighty clever.

Last modified on 19 March 2024
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