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Windows 11 update woes

by on19 March 2024

Tech Turmoil

Windows 11's latest patch, KB5035853, is wreaking havoc on laptops and handhelds.

Gamers and on-the-go techies wielding AMD Ryzen-powered gadgets are up in arms as their beloved devices sputter and stall, turning once-smooth gaming sessions into a slideshow of despair.

The tech forums are ablaze with tales of woe, as FPS counts plummet and GPUs whimper, locked at a measly 800 MHz. Desperate souls are diving into the digital depths of Windows settings, fiddling with 'Repair' and 'Reset' options in a bid to breathe life back into their crippled companions.

As reports of the dreaded Blue Screen of Death surface, Lenovo-AMD loyalists are starting to question their faith.

The word on the cyber-street: Steer clear of this update, folks, lest you fancy a date with digital doom. Hold out for the cavalry from Microsoft, armed with fixes to banish these bugs to the shadow realm.

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