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Blackberry and AMD join forces to forge robotic revolution

by on11 April 2024

Wall Street agrees

BlackBerry and AMD are fusing their expertise which they say will to revolutionise the world of robotics.

Together, they are crafting a platform that will not only eliminate latency and jitter but also redefine the standards of performance and affordability for industrial and healthcare robots.

The secret sauce? It's a blend of BlackBerry's QNX know-how in real-time software solutions and the QNX Software Development Platform, mixed with AMD's Kria K26 SOM – a nifty piece of kit that boasts both Arm and FPGA programmable logic-based architecture. This dynamic duo means business, enabling robots to have quicker reflexes and the precision of a Swiss watch.

AMD's bigwig of Industrial, Vision, Healthcare, and Sciences Markets Chetan Khona said that starting on the AMD Kria KR260 Starter Kit, they can move up to even more brawny AMD platforms as they fancy.

He said that by marrying AMD's prowess with QNX's smarts, we're opening Pandora's box of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in robotics.

BlackBerry product and strategy boss QNX Grant Courville said that working with AMD was about delivering a one-two punch of real-time performance and steadfast reliability, ensuring robots do their thing with the same gusto every time.

He said this was a game-changer for sectors that need their bots to be on the ball, like the booming realms of autonomous mobile robots and surgical robotics."

The word on the street is that this powerhouse solution is ready to roll out to the masses.

If you fancy a gander, pop over to BlackBerry's booth at Embedded World (Hall 4, stand 544) and feast your eyes on their spanking new robotic arm demo. It's all jazzed up with the QNX Software Development Platform 8.0 and is all about precision and performance.

Not to be outdone, AMD will be strutting its stuff too. Swing by their booth (Hall 5, Stand #5-111) to see how adaptive and embedded devices are cracking problems left, right, and centre across various industries.

The cocane nose jobs of Wall Street has given the move the thumbs up. Blackberry shares shot up six per cent on the back of the news.  


Last modified on 11 April 2024
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