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Amazon's cloudy patent payout pandemonium

by on12 April 2024

Cloud produces heavy rain for Amazon

 Amazon's cloud-computing juggernaut, AWS, has been fined $525 million (€493.5 million) by a jury for nicking Kove's data-storage secrets.

The Illinois court jury reckons AWS has been a bit naughty, infringing on three of Kove's brainy patents, which are absolutely essential for hoarding and fetching oodles of data.

Amazon's having none of it. It says the verdict is pants, and they'll have another go in an appeals court.

Kove's top legal eagle, Courtland Reichman is happy, calling the verdict a blinding victory for the little guys and their ideas against the tech titans.

In 2018, Kove sued Amazon, claiming they were the first to develop this high-performance cloud storage technology.

Kove alleged that AWS' Amazon S3 storage service, DynamoDB database service and other products infringed the cloud-storage patents. The jury agreed with Kove on Wednesday that AWS infringed all three Kove patents at issue, though it rejected Kove's contention that AWS violated its rights willfully.

Meanwhile, AWS is sticking to its guns, insisting that those patents are as dodgy as a nine-bob note.

Kove's not just gunning for Amazon. They've got Google in its sights, too, with another legal scrap brewing over the same patents.

Last modified on 12 April 2024
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