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Microsoft makes changes to task manager

by on08 May 2024

RAM gets a rethink

Software King of the World Microsoft is shaking things up in the Task Manager world.

Vole is switching up how they show RAM speeds from MHz to MT/s, which stands for mega transfers per cent. It's all about keeping up with the times since MHz isn't the best way to measure DDR speeds anymore.

According to Windows Insider this update is coming out bit by bit to beta testers, starting with build 22635.3570. If you're itching to get the new terms and you're a Windows Insider, you can snag the latest update in the Settings > Windows Update section. But if you're not into beta testing and the possible glitches, you'll have to hang tight until it hits the regular Windows versions.

So here's the deal: back in the day, like the 1990s, we had SDRAM, and it did its thing in sync with the clock speeds. A 100 MHz speed meant 100 MT/s. But then DDR SDRAM came along, doubling the transfers each cycle. So that old 100 MHz now kicked out 200 MT/s.

RAM makers stuck with MHz for the marketing buzz, even though it wasn't accurate. DDR5 6000 MHz RAM is really running at 3000 MHz but pulling off 6000 MT/s. Graphics cards since GDDR5X have been doing a quad dance, making MHz even less accurate.

Nowadays, RAM ads are going for the straightforward DDR5-6000 or sometimes DDR5 6000 MT/s. And Vole is riding the early wave with this Task Manager update.


Last modified on 08 May 2024
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