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HP comes up with stackable modular monitors

by on03 June 2024

Composable microLED monitors like Lego

HP boffins  have introduced a concept for a new type of modular monitor called "composable microLED monitors."

This design uses advanced microLED technology to create small, bezel-free screens that can be assembled like Lego pieces. Customers can purchase various monitor modules and easily fit them together at home. The core unit, which directly connects to the computer, can be expanded in both width and height with additional modules. By selecting either flat or curved extensions, users can customize their monitor's size and shape.

The assembly process is designed to be straightforward, using interlocking shapes and magnets to ensure proper alignment of each piece. To manage the complexity, extensions can only be added to the sides or bottom of the core unit. Once assembled, users can decide if the operating system should recognize the added parts as an extension of the main screen or as separate displays, adjustable via switches on the modules.

HP suggests various module sizes, offering flat and curved options. If combining different shapes is too complex, the option to use only flat extensions with a flat core unit is also available.

A potential issue is the visibility of seams between modules. While there won't be thick borders due to the bezel-less design, some lines or distortions may still be visible. HP's solution is to minimize the gaps and accept a slight line, or use more advanced methods to blend the edges, balancing technical feasibility, cost, and user preferences to find the best solution.

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