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Microsoft’s controversial Recall already hacked

by on03 June 2024

You probably were not expecting this

Windows enthusiasts have successfully modified Microsoft's advanced AI-powered Recall feature to work on previously incompatible hardware.

The Recall function, a feature that operates in the background of the latest Copilot Plus PCs, uses local AI models to capture snapshots of user activity. This allows users to review a timeline of their actions and search for specific items like photos, documents, and conversations.

Although Vole initially stated that Recall requires the most recent neural processing units (NPU) on new computers, it turns out that it can also function on older Arm-based hardware.

Albacore, a Windows expert, has developed Amperage, which makes Recall accessible on devices with older Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, Microsoft's SQ processors, or Ampere chipsets. To use this tool, the device must be updated with the latest Windows 11 24H2 version. Once updated, Amperage can unlock and activate Recall.

While enabling Recall on x86 devices is possible, it won't be fully operational until Microsoft releases the necessary x64 AI components. There's speculation that AMD and Intel will soon introduce Copilot Plus PCs, which could mean that Microsoft's AI components will be released shortly.

Recall was successfully tested on an x64 Windows 11 virtual machine to experience its initial setup.

Last modified on 03 June 2024
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